We provide fully integrated solutions for control systems engineering, software development and simulation. Software development projects are engineered in accordance to the V-model and in compliance with ISA 88 for batching processes, ISA 95 for enterprise and control systems integration and ISA 106 for continuous processes.

  • Systems Architecture
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Control Room Equipment
  • UPS Specifications and Sizing
  • Network Design and Calculations
  • Control Room / Central Control Room Design
  • Server room
  • Panel Design
  • Power Distribution and Design
  • Plant Automation Audits
  • Construction Documentation and Data Packs
  • Control System Development

Control System Technologies

  • DCS Systems: Honeywell, Siemens, Emerson, Eurotherm, ABB, Beckhoff, Emerson, Mitsubishi
  • PLC Systems: Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, ABB, Beckhoff, Emerson
  • SCADA Systems: Schneider Software, Wonderware Software Suite, Citect, Rockwell Automation Software-Factory Talk, Emerson Proficy, Emerson Cimplicity, Adroit, Siemens Wincc, Ignition, Atvise 
  • Advanced Process Control: GE C-Sense, G1, Intelecy, Aveva PRiSM

Process Simulation: SysCAD, Gensym G2, Witness

  • Process Design Verification Simulators
    • To verify steady-state conditions
    • To check plant transients
    • For statistical analyses

  • Engineering and Control System Simulator
    • Testing the basic functionality of your plant control systems
    • Testing the completeness of the plant control system
    • Testing the sequencing of the plant (start-up and shut down)
    • Customising of HMI

  • Training Simulators
    • Training on plant control systems
    • Training on operating procedures
    • Training on emergency procedures
    • Training on fault finding and fault identification

  • Control Philosophy Development and Verification Simulators
    • Verify the system controllability
    • Verify I/O and sequence control
    • Check and verify the completeness of the control system
    • Investigate alternatives
    • Influence of control on equipment sizing/redundancy

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