Our expertise in decision support systems includes MES and MOM systems; EMI and MIS systems; finite capacity scheduling; machine learning (APR & AI); as well as systems integration. Here’s how our leading-edge decision support systems can benefit you:

  • Technology implementation that is scalable to anticipate future needs, flexible to change when business requirements change, providing a framework or base for growth to incorporate future needs;
  • Solutions that will provide standardised software and functionality throughout the plant;
  • Solutions that enable the capturing of process information and data real-time at source and make this information available to the business system with as little as possible manual data entry;
  • Solutions that provide managers with the necessary tools to analyse process and production data and make informed decisions;
  • Solutions that assist manufacturing and maintenance managers to monitor equipment health and provide early warning for abnormal conditions that can lead to equipment failure or quality issues;
  • Experience and track record in managing and delivering systems, from small to big, from simple – straightforward to extremely complex for various national and international companies.
  • A track record of completing projects on time, within budget and to specification by virtue of technical excellence and first-class resources;
  • Proven methodologies to design, implement and support solutions in brown- and green-field environments to reduce overall project implementation risk.

Decision Support Solutions

We offer a wide range of Decision Support Solutions encompassing the following:

  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Solutions
  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Finite Capacity Scheduling Solutions
  • Human Resource Performance Tracking Solutions
  • Line Performance Monitoring (OEE) Solutions
  • Production and Product Tracking & Genealogy Solutions
  • Material and Utility Accounting Solutions
  • Inventory, Warehouse & Stock-take Solutions
  • Machine Learning and Advanced Pattern Recognition Systems
  • Early Anomaly Detection, Equipment Failure Prediction and Process Performance Forecasting
  • Integration between Instrumentation, PLC, SCADA, MES/MOM and the Business Management System/ERP
  • Supported Technologies: Parsec Automation, Sepasoft, AVEVA, Provideam OEE, InfinityQS, Adroit OEE, Canary, Flow, Translution.

Decision Support Systems Services

Our Decision Support Systems Services include:

  • Full range of services from conceptual design to implementation
  • Manufacturing Application Alignment/ Digital Roadmap Consulting
  • User Requirement and Functional Design Specifications
  • Configuration and Implementation Services
  • Central Control Room and Monitoring Centre Visualisation and Implementation
  • Hardware and Software Infrastructure Supply for Complete Solutions
  • Operator training
  • Long-Term and Ad-Hoc Service Level Agreements

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