Iritron celebrates Gerhard Greeff as chair of MESA Africa Advisory Committee

Iritron celebrates Gerhard Greeff as chair of MESA Africa Advisory Committee

Iritron, a leading industrial automation and control systems integration company, is proud to announce that Gerhard Greeff, divisional manager for PM&C, has been appointed as the chairperson of the advisory committee for MESA Africa at SAIMC. MESA Africa is a prominent industry association dedicated to driving the adoption and implementation of smart mining, manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies in Africa. With a strong focus on collaboration, knowledge sharing and thought leadership, MESA Africa plays a vital role in advancing manufacturing excellence across the continent.

Gerhard Greef.

As the chairperson of the Advisory Committee, Greeff will assume a pivotal role in guiding MESA Africa’s strategic direction and shaping its initiatives. With over 25 years of experience in the field of industrial automation, he brings to the position a wealth of expertise, leadership qualities, innovative mindset, commitment to driving excellence, and industry insight.

“I am deeply honoured to be appointed as the chairperson of the MESA Advisory Committee at SAIMC,” said Greeff. “I look forward to collaborating with industry leaders, technology providers and manufacturers to foster digital transformation and drive sustainable growth within the mining and manufacturing sector in Africa. Together, we can harness the power of smart technologies to optimise operations, improve productivity and embrace the opportunities of Industry 4.0. By sharing my extensive experience in the mining, manufacturing and processing industry sectors, I believe MESA can add value by advising them where to find the right people, processes and systems to achieve operational excellence,” he added.

Greeff has been a part of the MESA organisation in South Africa since 2007, as it provides a platform and network to share knowledge, thought leadership and lessons learned for all types of industries. “During this time the organisation has evolved with technology and has just released a new dynamic model to explain the interaction between business objectives, business process lifecycles, cross-lifecycle threads and enabling technologies to achieve smart mining, manufacturing and processing,” explained Greeff.

Alwyn Rautenbach, CEO of Iritron, extended his congratulations to Greeff on this prestigious appointment. “His dedication and expertise reflect the values and vision that have helped to shape Iritron to be at the forefront of industrial automation. We are proud of the role that Gerhard will take up in steering the advisory committee at MESA Africa, and wish him the very best,” he concluded.